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Chair Yoga or Pilates

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A corporate HIIT class in London


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HulaFit corporate class

Corporate Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates at work


The ideal antidote to days spent at your desk, a typical corporate yoga class will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the while body and induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing and meditation practices. Incorporating flowing sequences with longer held poses, you'll float out of yoga feeling energised, revived & relaxed.


Your secret weapon to a pain-free body and the perfect posture, a Pilates class  will blend strength and flexibility training to help you get  toned, strong and 

conditioned from top to toe.  A brilliant practice for injury rehabilitation and prevention, you'll also learn much greater awareness of your posture, so expect to reduce back pain and be less inclined to slump at your desk.

How it works

  • Classes are capped at 20 people.
  • Classes last 60 minutes (45 minute classes are available, but are charged at the 60 minute rate)
  • To really reap the benefits of yoga & Pilates we suggest signing up to an 8 week term of weekly classes. Although longer and shorter courses and one-off classes are also available.
  • Classes take place in an available space at your office, such as a boardroom or even canteen.
  • Simply choose your preferred time and date and we will send a fully certified and insured teacher to your office. If booking a course, you'll have the same teacher for the duration.
  • Provide your own yoga mats (we recommend Yogamatters), or hire from us for £10 per mat per term or single booking.
  • Pregnant women are welcome to join from 14 weeks onwards.

Chair yoga & Pilates

A corporate chair yoga class

Chair Yoga

No room to roll out yoga mats, or time to get changed in to yoga wear? No problem. A Chair Yoga class will allow you to get your yoga fix, even if you're short on space. In a chair yoga class you'll practice postures sitting on or standing by your chair that will be specifically tailored to alleviate the aches and pains of desk-bound work and can easily be practiced at your desk, whilst wearing your work clothes. Some stress-busting breathing practices will also be included.​​

Chair Pilates

Similar to Chair Yoga, this can be practiced in work clothes, alongside your chair or desk and focuses on strengthening the core muscles that contribute towards good posture, reducing lower back pain and releasing tightness and tension around the neck and shoulders. 

How it works

  • Classes are capped at 40 people.
  • Classes last 45 minutes. 
  • Shorter 'icebreaker' sessions are also available and a popular choice for conferences and important meetings.
  • Classes can take place anywhere, all we require is a chair for each participant.
  • No yoga mats or exercise clothes required.

Corporate HIIT classes

A HIIT class at the office

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (HIIT) boosts your metabolism and endorphins with short, sharp bursts of exercise. In this fun and energetic workout, you’ll be put through your paces by a personal trainer who will take you through cardio and conditioning exercises. No fancy gym equipment required, just your own body weight. All levels of fitness are welcome.

How it works

  • Classes are capped at 20 people.
  • Classes last 45 minutes. 
  • Classes can take place anywhere in your office or on your office grounds. 
  • No equipment required.
  • Suitable for pregnant women from 14 weeks onwards.

Corporate Barre classes

Woman practicing a corporate barre class


The latest trend to hit the fitness scene, a Barre workout combines Pilates, yoga and dance to deliver a transformational strengthening and toning class. Based on the traditional ballet barre (but in the case of office classes, simply using the back of chairs instead), the barre is used as a prop to balance whilst practicing isometric strength training. There will also be floor based exercises to strengthen the core and upper body. Suitable for both men and women, no prior dance experience required.

How it works

  • Classes are capped at 20 people.
  • Classes last 60 minutes. 
  • Classes can take place anywhere in your office.
  • We require either the backs of chairs or  windowsill space to create a makeshift barre.
  • Suitable for pregnant women from 14 weeks.

Corporate HulaFit classes

Corporate Hulafit class


An abdominal and cardio workout to upbeat music, guaranteed to put a swing in your hips and a smile on your face. Whilst having fun is the main motivation for hulahooping, burning calories and increased co-ordination are added bonuses. 

How it works

  • Class capacity is determined by space available. Hoops are 39" diameter. 10 'hoopers' can comfortably fit in a 600 sqm space.
  • Classes last 30 minutes. 
  • We provide hula hoops.
  • Power required for music system.


"We left Pilates feeling relaxed but vitalised and ready for the week ahead. A first for 2pm on a Monday.”  

Stylist Magazine

“I loved the first class and can't wait to do more. It was a really good opportunity to just zone out.”
Harrods employee

"After Chair Yoga we feel energised but relaxed and this feeling lasts until the end  of the day."

Morgane, Prinova

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