Sleep School

Did you know that poor sleepers are twice as likely to struggle with productivity and 3 times more likely to struggle to concentrate? Or that chronic sleep debt can lead to long-term mood disorders, like depression and anxiety?  

(Great British Sleep Survey, 2012​)

Whether you're a sound sleeper or suffering insomniac, our mood, productivity and health could all benefit from more restful and restorative sleep. 

sleep school

Woman sleeping promoting corporate sleep workshop

Sleep to Achieve, Succeed & Thrive


Learn tips, techniques and healthy habits to help you sleep more soundly and ensure the sleep that you do get (even if limited) is the most restful and restorative it can be. This 60 minute workshop will include: 


  • An insight in to the workings of your sleep cycle
  • Sleep-inducing lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Strategies for surviving on limited hours of sleep.
  • Tips for managing jetlag and working across multiple time zones.
  • Stress-busting practices to help you switch off and sleep. 

How it works

  • This workshop lasts 60 minutes, including 10 minutes for a Q&A.
  • Capacity: Up to 50 people.
  • We require a screen for slides.
  • Participants will leave with a handout featuring take-home tips from the workshop.

a mindful night's sleep

Woman meditation on bed promoting corporate sleep workshop


Not only have numerous studies proven mindfulness to be an effective tool for reducing insomnia, even more studies have shown mindfulness to significantly reduce stress - undoubtedly one of the main causes keeping us awake at night. This 60 minute workshop, lead by an expert mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist will include:

  • The neuroscience behind sleep
  • Mindfulness and yoga techniques and practices for a better nights sleep. 
  • A guided sleep meditation, which will be available for audio download following the workshop. 

How it works

  • This workshop lasts 60 minutes.
  • We require a screen for slides.
  • An audio file of the guided sleep meditation will be distributed via email following the workshop.
  • Capacity: Up to 50 people.


"Thank you so much for last night’s 'Sleep to Achieve, Succeed & Thrive' session.  I 

thought it was great and the feedback I 

received was extremely positive." 

Sara Kutner, Credit Suisse

"Sally delivered a professional and engaging sleep presentation during our wellness week. We would happily invite Stretching The City back for future events and recommend them to other organisations."

Stuart Bennet, HR Manager, Natixis

"Sleep School was informative without being preachy. I took away lots of small, simple tips that I had not thought of before. It has really made me re-assess my work/life balance."

Sleep School attendee, Lazard & Co

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