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Why Workplace Wellbeing?

As numbers of sick days tot up, cases of depression and anxiety rise and the obesity epidemic shows no sign of slimming down, there’s never been a more pertinent time to invest in employee wellbeing. PriceWaterhouseCoopers research, commissioned by the Health Work and Wellbeing Executive, points to ‘a wealth of evidence’ suggesting a positive link between the introduction of wellness programmes in the workplace and improved business key performance indicators. It’s no surprise that employee wellbeing is creeping higher up the HR agenda with statistics such as these:

  • Companies with the strongest health & wellbeing cultures had a 45% lower cost of productivity compared with those that had worst cultures.

  • Stress costs the UK economy almost £4 billion a year. 

  • Companies that invest in employee wellbeing have found 25% less staff turnover, 40% less absence & 50% less accidents & injuries. 

  • 2/5 of companies have seen a rise in reported mental health problems (such as anxiety & depression)  in the last 12 months. 

Whether you’re booking a one-off session, a year long schedule, Wellness Day or Wellbeing Week,  the Stretching the City team will curate bespoke wellbeing solutions for your business. Based on a thorough brief and your own business goals and objectives, we’ll deliver a wellbeing programme that meets your requirements and ROI. 

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