Our corporate nutrition programme has been designed to guide your employees towards the healthiest food choices to boost brain power, improve mood and keep sick days at bay. Working with our team of nutritionists, chefs and health coaches we offer the following workshops, cooking demos and 1:1 consultations.

Nutrition Workshops

Plate of food for corporate nutrition workshop

Interactive Cooking Workshops

Colleagues at corporate nutrition interactive cooking demo

1:1 Health Check Consultations

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nutrition workshops

Plate of food for corporate nutrition workshop

Keeping Well @ Work

Long days at the office and mounting deadlines can put healthy eating on the back-burner. In this talk, we’ll look at what constitutes a ‘Healthy’ diet - which healthy foods you should eat and why, why you should avoid certain unhealthy foods and the best breakfasts and lunches to eat for optimal energy, mood and productivity. Our most generic introduction to all things nutrition, this talk will finish with a round-up of tips for a healthy and happy workplace.

Boost your Brain Power

Research shows that the food you consume is one of the most powerful influences on everyday brain skills. Get smart on foods and nutrients that will sharpen your mind and your mood, starve off Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) as well as exercise and meditation techniques to keep your brain at the top of it's game.

Build & Balance your Immune System

Dis-regulation of the immune system can lead to more than a simple cough or cold. Discover how to bring homeostasis back into our bodies with the wise use of nutrient-dense foods and daily practices that have beneficial effects on immune response and will keep sick days at bay.

Herbal Remedies for Stress-Relief & Sickness

Join our resident herbalist and naturopath, Maya to discover the wisdom and medicinal properties of herbs, spices and teas to alleviate and prevent all manner of ailments and complaints, including stress, sickness and aches and pains. Maya will serve herbal tea concoctions and educate participants to rummage through their kitchen cupboards and gardens for natural remedies before heading to the pharmacy counter at Boots. 

Nutrition for Stress Management

Learn more about the stress response and the physiological, emotional and mental effects of feeling stressed. Discover what foods to eat to support the adrenal glands  and suggested supplements to take during stressful times.

How it works

  • All workshops are delivered  by certified and insured nutritionists.
  • Workshops last 60 minutes and are capped at 50 people.
  • They can take place in a boardroom, meeting room, canteen, or any available space you have in your office.
  • We require a screen to present slides.

Interactive workshops

Colleagues at corporate nutrition interactive cooking demo

Home-made & Healthy Meals

Eating healthily needn’t be time-consuming and expensive. With some simple, speedy recipes and a small amount of organisation, you can plan and prepare healthy and nutritious meals throughout the whole working week. Join our resident natural food chef for an interactive demonstration, explanation and a tasting of simple and healthy lunches and dinners, that even the most time-strapped professional can manage to prepare.

Raw Chocolates & Sweet Treats

Discover the potent power of raw chocolate, satisfy your sweet tooth and learn how easy it is to make your own healthy chocolates and energy balls from scratch. Working in pairs, participants will make 

  • Raw chocolates using high quality ingredients and chocolate moulds.
  • Fig, apricot & nut energy balls
  • For any nut allergy sufferers, we recommend replacing the energy balls with tahini bliss balls instead.

Savvy Snacking

If sugary treats and saturated fat are your go-to snacks, then get inspired and educated with some healthy snacks. From pimped-up chia pots to homemade hummus and sugar-free energy bars, you'll learn how to stock up with cupboards with savvy snacks.

How it works

  • Workshops last 60 minutes and are capped at 20 people. 
  • All food, materials, equipment and recipe handouts are provided. 
  • These workshops combine interactive participation and chef-led demonstrations.
  • We require access to power and washing up facilities.
  • Whilst an office kitchen is an ideal location for this workshop, they can also be delivered in a boardroom. 

1:1 health checks

Image of heart and vegetables for 1:1 health checks

Stretching the City Health checks are conducted in the workplace (in a private meeting room) by our team of health professionals, all of whom are registered with the professional UK regulatory bodies (BANT and CNHC). Our online appointment booking system removes all the administration for you and we can also provide you with posters to help advertise the screenings. During appointments the only clothing which needs to be removed are shoes and socks. Referrals are made to GPs if the results are outside of acceptable range, and all test results are given to employees at the end of their appointment on a results card with advice from our health professionals. A confidential (no name) report is produced for senior management with our findings and recommendations. We have three packages available for 10, 15 or 20 minute appointments. Please get in touch to find out more. 


"The 1:1 health checks went very well and they seem to have started a Metabolic Age competition in the office!

Anjanette was lovely and very helpful indeed; she even managed to deliver not-so-great results in a very positive way. The feedback I’ve had has all been great."

Helen McBriarty, Grosvenor

"The nutritionist was great & really engaging and did a good job of drawing out responses from a quite unusually timid audience! The cooking workshop attendees were raving about the food!"

Anna Palmer, Vizeum

"Everyone loved 'Keeping Well @ Work' and found it really informative."

Alexandra, Lonely Planet

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