Mental Health Workshops

With 1/6 of workers currently suffering from a mental health problem - such as anxiety, depression or stress and work being cited as the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives - not to mention the fact that mental ill health is now the most common cause for mental ill health*, it’s a pertinent time to put some preventative mental health strategies in to place. Delivered by 'Mind' qualified coaches and psychotherapists, our workshops, and courses aim to raise awareness and silence the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

* Source: CIPD Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey 2018.

mental health workshops

Stress Less & Ease Anxiety

Resilience Toolkit for the Workplace

Mental Health for Managers

mental health for managers corporate workshop

Managing Digital Distractions

mental health courses

Stress Management : 4 week course

Managing Stress & Resilience with Mindfulness: 4 week course


"By the end of the Shine Offline workshop I had lots of tips, tools & apps to to make sure I control my phone and not the other way around! I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with a smartphone."

Workshop attendee, 3 Mobile

"Following the 'Stress Less & Ease Anxiety' workshop, everyone is buzzing about the changes and new routines they're going to implement."

S Kahlil, Human Rights Watch 

"Mental Health for Managers was by far the most insightful and useful workshop we've ever had. I think it's brilliant to take the time to talk about mental health in the workplace. "

Workshop attendee, Eulogy


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